Neal Miller

This site is dedicated to Neal E. Miller (1909-2002) in honour of his pioneering efforts in the field of psychology and neuroscience. The year 2009 marks the centennial anniversary of this prominent psychologist. Miller was a leading force in studies of motivation and, learning and reward. His influence in the areas of biofeedback and behavioral medicine was equally invaluable.
Neal Miller served as president of the American Psychological Association (1960-61), the Society for Neuroscience (1971-72 and founding member in 1969), the Academy of Behavioral Medicine (1978-79 and founding member) and the Biofeedback Society of America (1984). In addition, he was honored with various awards and titles, including; the National Medal of Science, The millennial ANDP Award in Neuroscience Education, James Rowland Angell Professor of Psychology at Yale, Professor Emeritus at Rockefeller.
In consideration of Professor Miller’s extensive and significant impact on the field of psychology it is befitting that he be commemorated and, that newcomers to the field are made aware of the numerous conceptual and research contributions he made.
The Committee for Neal Miller’s Centennary Anniversary Celebration serves as an attempt to ensure, and make possible, the continued recognition of Professor Miller. As such, this website serves to act as a major reservoir of his work and the work of those who have followed in his footsteps.


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