Behavioral Medicine

From the mid-1970’s until a few years before his death in 2002, Miller focused his interests on the role of learning in psychosomatic illnesses and the uses of both biofeedback and learned behavior in maintaining homeostasis and minimizing stress.  In particular, he inquired into the behavioral conditions, and the mediating neural and hormonal mechanisms involved.  Some of this involved his participation in research with post-doctoral researchers in his lab but he largely acted as an integrator in reviewing and summing up the research being conducted on those topics throughout the world and in reflecting it as an elder statesman in promoting the formal establishments of the fields of behavioral medicine and health psychology.  In this period, ten of his publications had in their titles the term behavioral medicine, two had the term health psychology and the word health was frequent in many article titles and publications in which they appear.    Among Miller’s last actual research contributions were his involvement in collaborations about minimizing air-sickness in astronauts while living in their space modules and in the development of constraint-induced movement therapy as a very effective treatment to rehabilitate stroke victims with motor impairment by overcoming their learned non-use.

Miller’s articles related to Behavioral Medicine

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