Special Issue of the biofeedback magazine is dedicated to Neal Miller

rolnick initiate miller's special issue in the biofeedback magazineWe are happy to inform that the new issue of the biofeedback magazine published by the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback is dedicated to Neal’s work.

While the committee has not been overly active recently, I hope this event will spur more action from us all.

Following is a list of the articles in the latest issue. Most of them have been previously published in our site; www.nealmiller.org:

Testimonial for and Reminiscences about Neal Miller

Gordon H. Bower

Neal Miller and the Integration of Psychoanalysis and Behavior Therapy

Paul L. Wachtel

Phil Zimbardo Remembers Neal Miller

Philip Zimbardo

Neal E. Miller and His Research

Edgar E. Coons and Sarah F. Leibowitz

Paralysis, Scoliosis, and Learning: A Tribute to My Friend Neal Miller

Niels Birbaumer

What Psychology as a Science Owes Neal Miller: The Example of His Biofeedback Research

Edward Taub.

We hope that the fall Issue will contain papers that deals with the Legacy of Neal MIller

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