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Niels Birbaumer: Paralysis, scoliosis and learning: a tribute to my friend Neal Miller

During the early seventies we read the first time about a curare experiment: completely paralyzed rats were able to learn in an operant learning situation to control different aspects of the physiology. These reports which later turned out to be … Continue reading

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A reading from Hall and Lindsey about S-R theory of personality

Introduction to S-R theory of personality

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An Overview of Neal Miller’s contributions

The most basic professional facts and themes of his life – which are elaborated upon elsewhere in this website – are as follows: He is ranked among the ten most eminent psychologists of the 20th Century and was personally awarded … Continue reading

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Rockefeller University Obituaries

Neal Miller, a pioneer in thefield of neuroscience who in1965 received the U.S. NationalMedal of Science, the nation’shighest award for scientificachievement, died March 23 inHamden, Connecticut. Millerwas 92. He was a member ofthe Rockefeller faculty from1966 to 1988.Miller was best … Continue reading

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Biofeedback and Visceral Learning

We present one of Neal’s more influential articles regarding biofeedback. Written in 1978, Neal defines biofeedback; then  deals with the question of which visceral responses can be affected by instrumental training. View more documents from Helik Shemer.

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APA The Neal Miller Lecture Program

The Neal Miller Lecture Program is an annual Science Directorate program developed by the Board of Scientific Affairs. Each year, one eminent scientist is selected to give a lecture dedicated to neuroscience and animal research at the APA Annual Convention. The … Continue reading

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The story behind Miller’s Vienna trip (In Neal’s own words)

Miller had an insight about the similarity between Freud’s conception of repression and Pavlov’s conception of inhibition, he resolved to extend Hull’s program to an examination of Freudian theory and practice in terms of the laws of learning. He was … Continue reading

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Psychoanalysis & Science Bibliography

Miller: Miller, N. E. (1948).  Theory and experiment relating psychoanalytic displacement to stimulus-response generalization. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 43, 155-178. Miller, N. E. (1951).  Comments on theoretical models. Illustrated by the development of a theory of conflict behavior. … Continue reading

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Learning & Motivation Bibliograpghy

Miller: Miller, N. E. (1941).  An experimental investigation of acquired drives.  Psychological Bulletin, 38, 534-535.  [abstract of paper presented at the annual meeting of the APA] Miller, N. E. (1944).  Experimental studies of conflict behavior.  In J. McV. Hunt (Ed.), … Continue reading

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