The first “biofeedback marathon” – in Neal Miller 100th Aniversary

New: A 3 day event in honour of 100 year to Neal Miller
Three Days With Prof. Richard Gevirtz

This activity is sponsored  by SomaticVision (USA)  and psyphi (ISRAEL)

Tuesday, December 22,2009

A “Master Class” with Prof. Gevirtz with hands on training for members of the Agudah in the use of HRV and other modalities. Bring your laptops and equipment.We hope to organize a live demonstration with a patient. Participants will receive a certificate for 8 hours of accreditation.Location: Beit Souraski, Tel hashomer

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
 How do we train trainers?
 A special workshop for leading Stress Management and biofeedback therapists in Israel

This workshop is designed for a selected group of biofeedback specialist in Israel. And will be dedicated for the implementation of the psychophysiological approaches in the country.

The first part of the workshop will deal with the questionhow can we recruit more professionals to the field, how to teach biofeedback,  how to train newcomers to the field and how to conduct a successful practicum. We will ask question pertaining the initial selection of biofeedback trainers, what should they learn, and how can we make sure they receive proper experience both as a client and as a therapist. We will discuss the supervision process and how it is best achieved.

We will review the main areas where biofeedback can be applied, and suggest possible way to train people to this field.

DR. ARNON ROLNICK will open by mapping the status of biofeedback in Israel. He will shortly review the status of the following fields

 a)     Primary care

 b)    Mental health

 c)     Schools and the education system

 d)    The Defense forces

 e)     Sport and Performance Enhancement

 Dr. Rolnick will also review what modalities are being used in israelHe will then ask for additional information from the audience.

 Prof Gevirtz will lead the main part of the workshop. He will Present slides about the status of these fields in the USA and in the world.

 participants will be asked to bring case studies representing their work  in the field,

 As Israel is facing a lot of PTSD cases  or Ongoing Stress Reaction during recent. We will focus the last part on treatment and the prevention of PTSD.


 Thursday, December 24, 2009

A full day seminar on the management of somatic complaints by biofeedback and other modalities. Speakers include Prof. Gevirtz(USA), Dr. Yuri Krupitov (Russia), and Dr. Nadr Buttoh.  Location: Tel Aviv Israel

for more detail contact Arnon Rolnick (

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